Its the small things that make the difference!

When it comes to running birthday parties and having the best venue around there is no better person to design it than a parent! We worked with groups of parents to understand what makes a venue extra special and what small details take the stress away for us parents! Read on to find out more!

You wanted easy access

Our last venue although cool, was a nightmare to access! Off the main road and limited parking. We looked everywhere to bring you a venue that has onsite car parking, is within a 5 minute walk to a main bus route, and has ground floor access. Disabled access is critical for our children who attend parties, so with this in mind we no longer have an upstairs, all of our doorways are wide enough for wheel chairs and double prams, and we have many sensory lights added into the disco equipment as standard.

You want to set up and enjoy the party!

Setting up the party food can be very stressful indeed! We have now made the venue open plan so that the eating area is adjacent to the entertainment area so you can set up whilst watching your little ones enjoying the party. We have made it fun and easy to access water for your drinks by adding a palm tree tap in the eating area. Do you have an under 3 year old sibling to manage too? We thought of that...we added in a contained baby soft play right next to the buffet area so whilst you are setting up the tiny ones are safely playing.

More Parties for teenagers

Teenagers are a difficult bunch to cater for....not any more! We have worked with some very opinionated teens to design our parties! They now can book late into the evening the entire venue as a nightclub experience. Don't want games? Too old for that! We have a selfie area with props, and a big screen Instagram live wall so you can snap share and see! Oh and also lets throw in our amazing moctail bar where they are served sharing treasure chests, and large moctail bowls with sparklers! No one is too old for a foam party at the end! But we tailor the amount of interaction to your child's needs, so if they want to just come to listen to music in a nightclub, snapchat and dance...that is fine!

You wanted more day activities

You have asked us constantly to open in the week for day time activities. So from March we will be opening weds, thurs, and fri as a play center for pre-school ages children. The venue is set up as a stay and play venue, with soft play, bouncy castle, slides, reading area, cartoon screen, and of course some of our mascots will be making an appearance. We will have a small cafe area serving snacks and drinks at a subsidized price (as we are a social enterprise) We also are right next door to an elderly care day center. We are working on having a day a week where the center has free access to mix in our club, do crafts with the children, read and play with them!

You want us to be eco friendly and continue our social enterprise work

When we built the venue we have used where possible recycled materials and ECO building materials. You will be able to see our hand made palm tress made from the insides of carpet rolls! Our cave walls were hand made using left over insulation foam from the building next door! The flooring is all recycled laminate, the fake grass all made from recycled plastic! All of our wooden tables and chairs are hand made by Granddad using pallet wood! Even the wallpaper murals are made from recycled paper! Our toilets are twinned with toilets in Gambia, supporting fresh water and hygiene to children who need it. We will continue to have a full social giving plan for this FY including our Cash4Kids Xmas parties this year!

We hope we have listened to your feedback and you love the design of the new venue, and we are looking forward to the next 10 years of success, social impact, and making many memories together!

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