beach and jungl themedvenue at Cubano beach Club, jungle background for great parties

Here at Cubano beach Club Waterlooville, Hampshire, We run at our themed party venue the coolest parties in town. Every party is themed to your child's favorite party Theme. Uv glow party and black out party which has children dancing to the integrated disco and UV lights. With a children's foam party at Cubano Beach Club. We are rated the best children's party business in Hampshire. Dinosaur and Jurassic party for children with a mini t-rex dinosaur mascot. Superhero Parties.

Frequently asked questions

Do we provide Food?

If attending our play center session we have have a small cafe area selling snacks and refreshments. For birthday parties we do not provide food. You need to bring your own buffet to set up, or appropriate food and refreshments. We have a Mcdonalds less than 2 mins drive away, but please plan this with the host for timings of the party.

What do i need to bring on the day of my party?

Please bring with you: A usb drive with photos of the birthday child to display on the big screen (optional) Food and buffet, paper plates, cups, tabe cloth if needed, serviettes (standard disposable table clothes fit, you would need x 3 tables) Cake, knife to cut, candles, lighter for the candles Jugs and squash (we have a tap with drinking water in your seating area) Party bags We do NOT allow bunting, banners, Pinnatas, or any decorations that need to be attached. Due to the club being fully themed and decorated. Balloons are provided, helium balloons are allowed.

How many children can attend a party?

We have a maximum of 30 children at each party (25 for Fortnite themed parties) due to fire regulations. This does not include baby in arms, but does include siblings if attending.

Is there disabled access?

We are based on the ground floor, we have ramp entry, and all doors are wheel chair accessible. There are no steps within the building. We have standard toilets, although the doorway is wheel chair accessible, children need to be accompanied by carer/parent in the toilets.


There is parking onsite in the carpark, please do not block any entrances as you will be asked by the other businesses to move the car. There is also parking at Sainsburies just around the corner if the carpark is full.


The remaining balance of your party needs to be paid to the host in cash on the day

What is included in a birthday package?

Please see the individual party listing on the Part page to see what is included in your party.

What changes are in place to help keep us safe in COVID-19

All changes and party terms can be found here