In these difficult times, the impact to our children needs to be minimized. Many children have a birthday in the next few weeks, cancelled parties, are suffering from anxiety or worries about isolation, or are just bored and lonely being cooped up away from their friends! Our professional Spiderman tribute is also in self isolation at Tony Starks (Iron mans) house! Hes fed up too as all of his parties are cancelled at Cubano Beach Club and he wants to help!


He is offering 10 minute live video calls over Whatsapp for your kids. We collect some information first like you child's name, personal mentions. Spiderman tribute will talk to your child, explain about their isolation situation too in a fun way, and ease fears and anxiety, and also come up with some great ideas to keep the mini spiderfans entertained! Perfect for birthday or just a little treat, or to help ease anxiety over the situation.

Its £10 for a ten minute personal live session, and all money will go towards our amazing social enterprise Cubano Beach Club and staff to ensure this amazing business survives!  We also have some amazing Party AT Home digital packs made by Cubano Beach Club that you can download to run a full party and activity day in your house with the kids! 

We have limited spaces for Spiderman and if we sell out we will add more times in.